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Business, Government and Economics

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Pages: 160

Publisher: Cambridge Academic (June 7, 2012)


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The subject of this book is the way in which government activity impinges on both people and business and the inter-relationship between economics, government and business. The text is concise and clear and starts with an assumption of no prior knowledge of the subject but develops rapidly to a higher level. Whilst being concise and brief, the text contains all the essential information for this area of study. Learning outcomes are stated at the start of each chapter and at the end of of each chapter case studies are used to illustrate and reinforce the issues covered. It is heavily illustrated with diagrams and charts and is ideal for those with no prior knowledge of the subject area and who need to rapidly progress at higher levels of understanding. Whilst it is ideal for first year undergraduates and those on foundation courses it will also be of invaluable assistance to those taking government and business modules, A Level business studies and part-time management courses. Contents include: How government works, Unemployment, Inflation, Economics, Growth, Balance of payments, and the interrelationship between economic variables, how government can attempt to influence them and the consequences.