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Dead A Long Time (Gangster Era, Saint Paul)

Tim Mahoney

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Language: English

Pages: 304



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In the winter of 1932, the professional killer Swede Fanlund stalks bootlegger Mick Powers through the dark, cold streets of Saint Paul. Mick’s survival depends on his alliance with the Barker-Karpis gang, which needs his help in planning bank robbery. Meanwhile, Mick’s young friend, the newspaper reporter Janie Vetter, is falling in love with a handsome but crazy gangster. Mick’s sometime-girlfriend Myrtle takes up with a rich guy, and Mick finds comfort with a woman who is Ma Barker’s paid companion.

Hop into Mick’s Essex Terraplane and come along for the ride as Prohibition ends and the Gangster Era enters its darkest, most dangerous time.

“Dead A Long Time” is book two in the Mick Powers series which began with “If the Dead Could Speak.”

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