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DIY Protein Bars: 25 Simple Protein Bar Recipes For Making Quick Healthy Snacks. Learn How to Make Protein Bars in No Time (diy protein bars, protein bars, high protein snacks)

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Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 9, 2015)

ISBN: 1517265827

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This book covers some proven steps and strategies on how to make your own amazing protein bars. There are 6 chapters in this book that provides with everything you need to know to get the best. This book is a result of research on protein bars and recipes currently popular all over the world. If you read this book, you will learn how to make your protein bars at home, why its beneficial, and best practices. Protein is essential for your health. You need it regardless of whether you are interested in working in a gym. If you do not get enough protein, the results can be devastating: delayed development, a weakened immune system, and poor cardio and respiratory performance are just some of the negative effects that you might experience. Protein helps you perform at your optimal level. Protein bars provide nutritional support to your body throughout your entire day. They can be made from soy, whey, or other protein bases and are mixed with other ingredients to provide your body with the nutritional support that it needs. Often, they also provide good fats and other ingredients that your body relies upon for energy and muscle support. And that’s why you need this book. In this book, we will discuss in detail how to make your own delicious and healthy protein bars.

You’ll learn things like…

  • Protein bar basics
  • Important things you should know about protein bars
  • 25 amazing DIY protein bar recipes
  • Benefits of protein bars
  • How protein bars will benefit your diet

Thanks again for reading. I hope you like it! Enjoy your DIY protein bars!

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