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Endangered Eagle

Richard Carl Roth

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The Summer of 1936 was to be very important for Hitler’s Third Reich. There would be hundreds of thousands of visitors, from all over the world, coming to Berlin for the Olympics. The Nazis were determined to show the “New Germany” in the best possible light. Charles Lindbergh, the “Lone Eagle”, who, in 1927, became the first man to fly from New York to Paris, was arriving on July 22nd for a 10 day visit. A few weeks prior to his arrival, a plot was discovered. A major crime ring was being paid a great deal of money to assassinate him during his visit. This was Charles Lindbergh’s first trip to Germany. What reason could anyone in Berlin have for wanting him dead? That was the question that General Hermann Goering, the Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe, Germany’s Air Force, wanted answered. He turned to Karl von Ernst, a Private Investigator and former Chief Inspector in the Berlin Police, to find the answer and stop the attempt on Lindbergh’s life. Karl had to unravel the plot which included an exiled Nazi group working out of Prague, Berlin’s strongest crime ring and the mystery man, the one who initiated the plan to kill Lindbergh. He had to do this while contending with Reinhard Heydrich, of the SS, one of General Goering’s chief rivals for power within the Nazi hierarchy. Karl had to fight a two front battle, plotters on one side, the SS on the other.