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Energy Review (March 2014) (Volume 1)

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Multi Billion US Dollar Oil & Gas Opportunities in Pakistan CASA 1000 Failure of World Bank and Asian Development Bank CASA 1000 Power Project Afghanistan – An Overview-Tall Claims , indecision and near zero outputs Pakistans Mystery Oil Reserves In 2007 a top Pakistani official addressed command and staff college officers and spoke about a trillion barrel oil discovery in Baluchistan’s Kolhu District . It appears that Pakistani state has no intention of exploring this strategic discovery . 2012 Oil exploration licenses did not put up this place for sale .Pakistani states Baluchistan economic policy does not seem to have any rationale and is certainly not geared to benefit Baluchistan’s masses ? The multi trillion barrel area has nominal security issues barring Kahan sub district ? Perhaps an intelligence analyst alone can answer reasons for such irrational behavior ? The only explanation I see is that Pakistans ruling establishment comprising Punjabis ,Pastuns and some Urdu Speaking Mohajirs view any mineral project which benefits Baloch as politically incorrect ? Security issues for Oil and gas Companies in Pakistan Oil and gas companies in Pakistan have suffered because of security issues . Security in Pakistan is largely a manageable issue. Logar Threat Perception for an oil and gas company Divestment of GoP shareholding in Oil & Gas Development Co. Ltd (OGDCL) Pakistan Petroleum Ltd (PPL) Secondary Public Offering (SPO) Privatisation of National Power Construction Corporation (NPCC) Divestment with Management Control Faisalabad Electric Supply Co. Ltd (FESCO) Northern Power Generation Co. Ltd. (NPGCL-GENCO-III) - Thermal Power Station  – (TPS)  Muzaffargarh(1350 MW) Divestment with Management Control Lahore Electric Supply Company Limited (LESCO) Restructuring followed by divestment of 26% GoP equity stakes to strategic partner with Management control of Pakistan International Airlines Corp (PIAC Divestment of Government Shareholding in Habib Bank Limited (HBL) Divestment of Government Shareholding in United Bank Limited(UBL) Divestment of Government Shareholding in Allied Bank Limited (ABL) Divestment Heavy Electrical Complex (HEC)

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