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Health and Environmental Impact Assessment: An Integrated Approach (Health and the Environment Series)

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 208

Publisher: Earthscan Publications Ltd. (September 1998)

ISBN: 1853835412

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Human health and quality of life is intimately linked to the immediate physical environment; whether it be asthma triggered by air pollution, leukaemia linked to nuclear installations, or the serious effects of certain organophosphates, health is often the 'bottom line' of environmental problems. Despite this, the protection of health and the environment have traditionally been addressed separately, and health impacts are not usually addressed by the planners of new developments. A pilot study carried out for the BMA has shown that, as a consequence, environmental impact assessments do not usually give adequate coverage of human health issues.
In this important new book, the British Medical Association shows why we need to develop an integrated approach to health and environmental impact assessment of development projects, and how this might be achieved. This approach may also be applied at the strategic level, allowing consideration of the health implications of larger-scale policies, programmes and plans within a wider framework of sustainable development.
Concise and authoritative, with numerous case studies and examples, it will be useful for health professionals, environmental health officers, planners and consultants, as well as students and researchers in environmental studies, health policy and planning..