Download Healthy Eating And Weight Loss Recipes Based On Science OVER 60 Pages Of Low Fat High Protein Super Food Recipes for free

Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Recipes Based on Science: OVER 60 Pages of Low Fat, High Protein, Super Food Recipes

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Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Recipes Based on Science: OVER 70 Pages of Low Fat, High Protein, Super Food Recipes and Anti Oxidant Tea Recipes Designed for Weight Lose and a Healthier Being

This book offers a vast array of recipes spanning anything from simple Quinoa infused salads to obscure salads containing weight-loss combinations like watermelon, cilantro and black pepper. Furthermore, as the digestive section of this book, we have included an extensive organic tea recipe catalogue which includes a plethora of tea recipes made with 12 or more household anti oxidant containing ingredients. It really is an amazingly unique combination of scientifically devised weight loss recipes. It satisfies anyone from those looking for an introduction to Quinoa, to those in search of extremely exotic, unique, and luxurious recipes made from a plaeo diet perspective.

Quinoa is a super grain primarily produced in South American countries, which delivers an incredible amount of protein per mass, is a complete source of protein and is gluten free. The health benefits of these recipes will be invaluable for single professionals that require a new way to spice up their after workout routine, or for the everyday family that wants a different and method of providing kids and teenagers with incredible sources of nutrients and vitamins. In addition, the low fat recipes will allow everyone to make real strides towards a more healthy self, increase their metabolic rate, enhance alertness and stimulate their palates with exotic global ingredients and incredibly delicious recipes.

About the Author

C.C Williams is an Alpine road cyclist, who holds a combination University degree in Bio-Chemistry, and Nutrition. Williams has been called the “youngest millionaire of the mountains” for his development of protein packed, low fat weight loss dishes and recipes. He has had formal training on healthy eating acute food pairing for optimal digestion and metabolic optimization.

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