Download High Protein Diet Yummy Dinner Ideas High Protein Cooking And Baking For Weight Loss And Energy

High Protein Diet - Yummy Dinner Ideas: High-Protein Cooking and Baking for Weight Loss and Energy

High Protein Diet

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If you are trying to increase the amount of protein you consume, you might have already made a grim discovery: baked goods, including breads, muffins and bars, are usually very poor in protein and high in carbs. Pasta and rice is also poor in protein, yet make up a large amount of many people’s diet. The protein found in flours such as wheat is mostly gluten, which can be harmful for a portion of the population. So how can you eat a high-protein diet and still have room for the occasional cookie or slice of cake? The answer is actually very simple: make high-protein treats! Replacing grain flour with yummy nut flours and adding high-protein seeds, nuts, eggs or avocadoes to your meals and baked goods will transform them into protein powerhouses. High-protein cooking and baking is actually very simple, and we’re excited to show you how! This book contains 30 sweet and savory high-protein recipes to get you started.

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