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Internet For Everyone: Reshaping The Global Economy By Bridging The Digital Divide

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 204

Publisher: iUniverse Publishing (August 17, 2011)

ISBN: 1462042511

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

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Help the world bridge the digital divide by learning an easy-to-use method that allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of the Internet using just a phone and their voice. Computer and technology expert Emdad Khan pinpoints the factors that affect the use of technology, including the language divide. While the English-speaking world dominates the Internet, it's possible for all people to reap its benefits using just their voice in their native language. The Voice Internet ushers in a new era of access to technology. It eliminates the need to learn a new language, is affordable, and overcomes problems associated with many devices, such as needing to use a small keypad and screen. Get ready to learn; how Voice Internet technology rides on existing infrastructure; how to take further steps to harness the benefits of the Internet; and; how this technology can positively affect economies and cultures. If you are a decision maker, governmental policy maker, teacher, entrepreneur, philanthropist, or someone concerned with helping humanity enjoy access to the Internet, then this guidebook provides you with the knowledge to take action. Bridge the gaps that limit the usage of technology and open up the Internet for Everyone.