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Ketogenic Diet for Dummies: 45 Delicious recipes to lose weight and increase body performance!

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Today, people around the world are becoming more and more conscious about their health and weight. With the fast-paced lifestyle, stress, hazards in the environment and especially the food we eat, many people become unhealthy by the minute! And because of the current state of health in our society, this has paved the way for many researches and studies on how to help people become healthier with their diet and their lifestyle. One of the most effective ways of living a healthy lifestyle is following the Ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet has been in our society since the 1920s. It was commonly used before as a therapy to people suffering from epilepsy. Today, it is no longer the case as it is now widely used as a method to be healthy and lose weight.

This book is your ultimate guide in understanding more about the Ketogenic Diet – how it works, its benefits, what foods to avoid and eat and most of all how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals using the diet. The recipes provided in this book are all simple, quick and easy to make so you can prepare them for your friends and family even when you are on-the-go. So have a try of each and every one of them so you too can lose the weight and live healthier. Start changing your life.

As a final word, I live by this saying: “Being healthy and fit isn’t a trend. Instead it’s a lifestyle!”

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