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Low Carb Egg Cookbook: The Top 50 Quick and Easy Low Carb Egg Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss (Cooking Recipes Book 17)

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Enjoy these quick and easy low carb egg recipes for rapid weight loss and healthy living

It is now a scientific fact that low carb diets work. This has been shown to be true by more than 20 high quality studies on people. Besides being shown to be effective for weight loss, low carb diets have also been shown to be effective against other world health problems that include diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, lowering blood pressure among others.

Eggs are an exceptional superfood. Eggs are highly nutritious and are often said to be nature's multivitamin. They are laden with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, high quality proteins, good fats as well as several trace nutrients.

Eggs also help you lose weight as they are satiating, help raise the good HDL cholesterol, aid in converting bad LDL cholesterol into benign LDL and they also DO NOT cause heart disease.

This Low Carb Egg Cookbook provides an amazing collection of egg recipes that introduce a superb twist and and variety of meals into the low carb diet.

The road to healthy living surely does begin with low carb eating!

Get this great recipe collection for yourself today and enjoy the top 100 gluten free, sugar free low carb diet recipes today!

Recipes contain nutritional information.

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