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Low Carb & Weight Loss Box Set 3 IN 1: 45 Amazing Low Carb & High Protein Recipes + Weight Watchers Cookbook: (Low Carb Diet Books, Low Carbohydrate ... low carb high protein diet) (Volume 4)

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Low Carb & Weight Loss Box Set 3 IN 1: 45 Amazing Low Carb & High Protein Recipes + Weight Watchers Cookbook BOOK #1: Low Carb Diet For Beginners: 20 Amazing Recipes. How To Lose Weight Fast Without Starving Low carb diets have soared in popularity in recent years, because of their capacity to promote speedy weight loss without making the dieter feel deprived or starved. Indeed, some of the rules of low carb dieting seem to turn conventional weight-loss dogma on its head — instead of promoting low-fat, tasteless food, the dieter is encouraged to eat meat, fat and even cheese. In this book we will explain the principles of following a low-carb lifestyle and supply healthy, tasty recipes, including: Spaghetti Squash Risotto Easy chocolate mousse Breakfast waffles (made with cauliflower) And more... BOOK #2: Low Calorie One-Pot Meals Cookbook for Two or Just For You: Top 21 Easy & Healthy Recipes for One-Pot Meals From Your Skillet, Slow Cooker & Stockpot Many people think that cooking whilst on a diet has to be either elaborate and time consuming, or else dull and bland. Nothing could be further from the truth. Often the healthiest meals are the simplest and many cheap foods are very good for you. This book will provide weight watchers with twenty one failsafe, simple one pot meals that will feed you and a friend whilst still sticking to a low calorie diet. This does not just mean soups and stews — there are also more exciting recipes. Cooking on a diet need not be an endless procession of salads, or boring, repetitive dishes. All of these recipes are so tasty and satisfying that even people who aren’t on a diet will enjoy them, and will not even notice that what they are eating is also doing them good! BOOK #3: Low Carb High Protein Diet. Lose 10 pounds in 10 days: 10-Day Low Carb & High Protein Diet for Permanent and Healthy Weight loss. There are many diets out there, each promising you the same results: You can lose weight with ease, and be able to keep it off for good. Some work, some don’t. And many come and go. However, there’s one diet that has good results and has been around for quite a while. That diet is the low-carb, high-protein diet. In Low Carb High Protein Diet , the facts will be broken down so that anyone can understand. You’ll learn about this diet and how you can lose ten pounds in only ten days. In addition, you’ll find great recipes that you can fix that are tasty and can fill anyone up. You’ll also find dieting tips and more. So let’s get started and get dieting. Some things you can expect to see in this book: • How to Count Carbs • Raising your Protein Profile • Following a Diet Plan • Low Carb, High Protein Recipes • Lifestyle Corrections Like any diet, the low carb, and high protein diet takes dedication and sticking to a plan. But once you are determined and able to stick to these guidelines you will see quick results. And not only will you lose weight, this weight loss plan has other added benefits to it as well. Tags: Low Carb diet free books, Low Carb diet, Low Carb diet for beginners, Low Carb diet free books, Low Carb diet books, Low Carb diet demystified, Low Carb diet plan, low carb, Low Carb diet free kindle books, Low Carb dieting, Low Carb diet strategies, high protein, High Protein Diet, High Protein Diet books, paleo diet, paleo diet free kindle books, paleo cookbook, paleo slow cooker, paleo diet for beginners, paleo recipes, paleo approach, free kindle books paleo, 10-day green smoothie cleanse, green smoothy of the week