Download Mission Incomprehensible The Linguistic Barrier To Effective Police Co Operation In Europe Multilingual Matters

Mission Incomprehensible: The Linguistic Barrier to Effective Police Co-operation in Europe (Multilingual Matters)

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

Pages: 168

Publisher: Multilingual Matters (March 23, 1994)

ISBN: 1853592145

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The aim of the Single European Act was to lift all restrictions on free movement within the European Community but it does nothing to remove the centuries-old linguistic borders. The police forces in Europe are responsible for dealing with terrorism, drug trafficking and organised crime as well as a great many more mundane matters. To meet their obligations, the police forces will be increasingly required to work closely with each other and the fact that there is no common European language represents a considerable obstacle to effective collaboration. This book looks at the policing and criminal justice systems which exist in the European Community and how the multiplicity of languages affects these at senior level, when conducting criminal investigations and when dealing with foreign visitors in the streets. It examines the degree of awareness of these problems which currently exists in the various police forces and reviews the steps taken to overcome or alleviate the difficulties — a factor which varies considerably from country to country and from force to force.