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Murder On The Islands In The Gulf Stream

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.In the 1930’s, Ernest Hemingway, the famous writer and adventurer, is living in Key West Florida. During this time, a catastrophic hurricane rips through the upper Keys of Florida causing massive destruction and death. After the storm, Hemingway and some of his cronies volunteer to bring relief supplies to the Upper Keys where the storm caused the most damage. After delivering the supplies and heading back home, Hemingway finds the body of a local sailor floating in the Key West Harbor
The authorities ruled the death an accident caused by the storm but the victim’s sister, a friend of Hemingway’s wife, feels foul play was involved. Reluctantly, Hemingway agrees to investigate the death on his own. To his surprise, the more he finds out about the victim, the more he believes the man was murdered. Hemingway decides the hunt to find the killer or at least the reason for the killing will be an enjoyable break from his writing and be an exciting and dangerous adventure.
As Hemingway learns more about the victim’s life, he discovers the man worked for many people who would not hesitate to eliminate a problem. To find the truth, Hemingway follows the clues and travels to Cuba and confronts an unscrupulous businessman who is a trafficker in human cargo, zealous Cuban rebels who hate the government and its Yankee friends and dangerous American mobsters. Following more leads, he shifts his search from urban and glitzy Havana to the sleepy and isolated island of Bimini in the Bahamas and then returns to Key West, where his search all began and where the truth would be revealed..