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Paleo Cooking For Two: 101 Healthy Cooking for Two Recipes (Paleo Recipe Book)

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If you want to prepare amazingly delicious meals for Two and stick to your Paleo Diet,... then this recipe book is for you....

In recent years, the Paleo diet has erupted as one of the most effective dietary plans in terms of increasing the overall health of your body as well as cutting away those stubborn & unwanted lbs. Following the Paleo diet is therefore simple on paper, yet might seem a bit overwhelming to those who are new to it, especially if you are trying to find recipes for two.

One of the most daunting challenges in cooking can be manipulating the serving size that you see on recipes & in cookbooks for two servings. It can be a nightmare to have to divide & multiply the numbers to make sure that you are adding the proper amount of each ingredient in all of your dishes.

If the above scenario applies to you, then fortunately there is an answer waiting in the wings! This book, which is designed for those following a Paleo diet, will guide you through the process of cooking for two. It is stocked with varied, delicious Paleo recipes that will keep you coming back time & again and the best part is there is no multiplying or dividing necessary; you simply have to read the instructions & cook according to the directions that are written in the book, and you will soon be on your way to preparing a lovely meal for you & another person.

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