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Paleo Diet Journal

Format: Stationery

Language: English

Pages: 92

Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC (January 21, 2015)

ISBN: 1635018730

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 9.9 MB

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Use the Paleo Diet Journal to track your progress and find out what works while transitioning to a paleo Diet. Staying motivated is key when embarking on any lifestyle change, especially diet and exercise routines. You are more likely to stay focused, build healthy habits, and obtain great results if you commit to writing things down! (In fact, studies show that people are twice as likely to lose weight and keep it off when they keep a food journal). Tracking the foods you eat while on the PALEO diet is especially important because you still need the proper balance between hearty meat dishes and other non-meat foods such as fruits, vegetables and nuts. The paleo diet contains plenty of high protein foods such as salmon, steak and chicken, but this diet also includes vegetables, squash, spinach, walnuts and other foods. This health journal contains 91 pages, which is higher than many other diet tracking journals. Each page contains fill-in-the blank sections for meals and snacks throughout the day. Next to each section for the meals is a checkbox that asks whether the meal was 100% Paleo or not. For instance, if you just had donuts for breakfast, you would not check this box because donuts are not part of the paleo diet. Dairy foods, potatoes, processed foods and junk foods are not part of the paleo diet. A complete Paleo meal contains macronutrients that include protein, fat and healthy carbohydrates such as vegetables or fruit. A section for goals, notes and reminders is at the bottom of each page. Use this section to write down how your body to responds to meals, and jot down recipes or anything that comes to your mind. You can also track your moods, energy levels, satiety and overall feelings.