Download Quick And Easy Vegetarian Recipes High Protein

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes High Protein

Jenna Mars

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This recipe book is a wonderful resource for all vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, and is full of high-protein meals and snacks that you can prepare quickly and easily.

With this book you will be able to:

• Easily adopt a high-protein vegetarian diet through quick and easy recipes

• Enjoy delicious appetizers

• Sip hearty, nutritious soups

• Prepare light and refreshing Salads

• Discover new high-protein lunch ideas

• Cook savory, protein-filled dinners

Vegetarianism is a healthy lifestyle that thousands of people around the world follow and for good reason! Classic vegetarianism refers to removing all meat from one’s diet. It’s been proven that vegetarians:

1. Live longer

2. Have healthier hearts

3. Have lower cholesterol

4. Have lower incidents of cancer and chronic diseases

These health benefits are directly related to the nutrients in fruits and vegetables consumed by vegetarians, daily. The benefits are also related to the removal of meat from the diet. Many types of meat, especially red meats, have been linked to health issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cancer. By removing meat from the diet, vegetarians can live a longer, healthier life.

Live a longer, healthier life by grab this book and starting your new year with a set of delicious, healthy, and high-protein vegetarian recipes!