Download Road Movie For 16 Part Trombone Ensemble By Wayne Siegel online

Road Movie for 16-part Trombone Ensemble by Wayne Siegel

Format: Sheet music

Language: English

Pages: 197

Publisher: Cherry Classics Music (2013)

ISBN: 0530053985

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 8.8 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

Road Movie was commissioned by Professor Niels-Ole Bo Johansen of the Royal Academy of Music, Arhus Denmark and premiered in Salt Lake City Utah for the International Trombone Festival 2008.

Wayne Siegel has written a compelling and dramatic musical canvas using a large, 16-part Trombone Ensemble. He uses many special effects on the Trombone to give his score a vivid sound canvas.

"Road Movie" consists of three movements, each depicting a scene in an imaginary road movie.
The first movement, AM, is set on an early morning on a country highway. The abbreviation AM is, of course, ambiguous, implying both the early hours of the day as well as the type of radio that was most common in cars in my youth.
The second movement, Canyon Canon depicts a landscape insprired by the Grand Canyon.
The third movement, Highway, the road movie comes to a most tragic end.

This work of about 23 minutes in length is appropriate for advanced performers.

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