Download Secured Trans 2 Nd Ed Law School Casebook Series

Secured Trans 2Nd Ed (Law school casebook series)

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

Pages: 427

Publisher: Little, Brown & Company; 2nd edition (February 1, 1989)

ISBN: 0316932183

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 5.3 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

The Seventh Edition, Problems and Materials on Secured Transactions, continues to be the best choice for courses in secured transactions law. In a problems-based format, this brief, clear text presents a practical, straightforward approach to the topic, making it popular among students and instructors alike.

This edition retains the great features that earned it widespread recognition in its previous editions:

  • thorough and up-to-date coverage on black letter law
  • flexible content and organization, making it adaptable to many teaching styles
  • a popular problems-approach which tackles the material in a straightforward and practical manner
  • the distinguished author Douglas J. Whaley, who draws on his experience in teaching, writing, and practice
  • a clear and lucid writing style and a manageable length, offering a concise, efficient, and effective format
  • inclusion of the most important cases, which illustrate the reactions of the courts to the issues
  • a carefully constructed Teacher's Manual includes answers to all problems in the text

The Seventh Edition incorporates many significant developments since the publication of the previous edition, including:

  • new Bankruptcy Code provisions
  • new cases that have arisen since the previous edition: - Border State Bank of Greenbush v. Bagley Livestock Exchange, Inc. (discussing the meaning of rights in the collateral) - Metzger v. Americredit Financial Services, Inc. (certificate of title for motor vehicles priority) - R & J of Tennessee, Inc. v. Blankenship-Melton Real Estate, Inc., and Coxall v. Clover Commercial Corp. (repossession and resale issues)
  • updated problems, including a new problem at end of Chapter 2 exploring additional § 9-109 exclusions from Article 9 coverage

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