Download Startup IT Business Ideas How To Strategize Your Services Through ITIL V 3 Service Strategy How Can The Startup Benefit From Service Strategy Process Steps

Startup IT Business Ideas: How to strategize your services through ITIL V3 Service Strategy?: How can the startup benefit from Service strategy process steps

Shanthi Vemulapalli

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The background of writing this book:

Some of the IT Startup companies they might get the business directly without having the standard IT practices in place. But when the regular customers will go away from them due to their IT Budgets cut, these companies might face lot of crisis for continuity of the business. In such cases how they can cope up in the IT business. These companies need to adopt some of the industry based standards and procedures.

ITIL Practices are very popular for IT companies to adopt and follow for their smooth business operations. The startup company needs to start with the Service strategy practices initially.

This short E-Book has been made for the Start-up IT companies, who are facing lot of issues while running their business operations. May not be financially; but profession wise not able to manage even running projects. Due to lack of industry standards and process following.They are not able to retain the customers of different projects. And not able to get new projects due to their services projection to customers was not clear. There can be several other reasons also.

I would like to share some of the best practices or activities through ITIL V3 Service Strategy [SS] practices to implement incrementally for their organization. Discussed with live issues, examples and practices are mapped to resolve them with charts on live issues.

What you can learn from this book?:

After the reading completion; one should have got the following objectives or understanding:

The understanding of what is service strategy.

How to identify the services and the relevant customers who wants to use them?

How to define the value creation of a Start-up IT Company?

Understanding the levels of demand and how to establish the relationship between the service provider and the customer.

The ability to understand on how to organize the required services and those can be delivered in an effective and efficient manner.

How to build the customer rapport by working closely on their timely needs?

How to convert the customer needs into a new service opportunity to build further new business?

By having the examples on each of the process areas or function areas, one can try to relate to their Start-up company’s process improvement towards reaching the business goals.

Being a start-up company one need not spend much budget by having a separate resource for each role. These functions or roles can be nominated for different existing staff, which can hold the responsibility to grow the company. But continuous and constant fine tuning of the above said processes are very much business critical to sustain their existence.

After reading the book; If you feel these practices are helpful for others, please leave your comments.