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The Essence of Medieval Philosophy

M. James Ziccardi

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Language: English

Pages: 446

Publisher: M. James Ziccardi (September 17, 2011)


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The Essence of Medieval Philosophy takes a comprehensive look at the ideas that define Western Philosophy’s most enduring, though least understood era – the Medieval Period. In addition to offering in-depth examinations of the era’s most renowned philosophers, the book presents detailed reviews of some the era’s greatest works.

Included in the book are extensive reviews of the following works:

* Augustine: Confessions and City of God
* Boethius: Consolation of Philosophy
* Anselm: Proslogion
* Thomas Aquinas: Treatise on the One God and Treatise on Man (from the Summa Theologiae)
* Bonaventure: The Soul’s Journey Into God
* Duns Scotus: A Treatise on God as First Principle and the Ordinatio
* Roger Bacon: Opus Majus
* William of Ockham: Summa totius Logicae