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The S.A.D. Truth About High Protein Diets

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Wayne Pickering, N.D., Sc.M.

SAD TRUTH about High Protein Diets

Learn from 5 key leaders in the field of nutrition and is a once in a lifetime, truly, a once in a lifetime chance, to eliminate once and for all, the mass confusion about dieting. You will discover

1) The S.A.D. Truth of “High Protein Diets”
2) Why do people lose weight on this program?
3) Does Insulin Resistance really elevate Blood sugars, insulin, tri-glycerides, blood pressure, excess body wt. and if not, what does?
4) Why do these diets appear to work in regard to weight loss and lowered cholesterol but really don’t?
5) Why can’t we learn the truth about proper eating in our schools?
6) What role does nutrition play with disease anyway? Does it cure?
7) What is the solution for Heart Disease, the #1 killer of men and woman in our country?
8) Is there a negative impact of “High Protein Diets” on Bone Density?
9) Can this diet promote Prostate Enlargement and Cancer in men?
10) What is the relationship, if any, of this diet to healthy aging and quality of life?