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Trusted Information - The New Decade Challenge (International Federation for Information Processing, Volume 193)

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

Pages: 504

Publisher: Springer; 2001 edition (May 31, 2001)

ISBN: 0792373898

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Since the early eighties IFIP/Sec has been an important rendezvous for Information Technology researchers and specialists involved in all aspects of IT security. The explosive growth of the Web is now faced with the formidable challenge of providing trusted information. IFIP/Sec’01 is the first of this decade (and century) and it will be devoted to “Trusted Information - the New Decade Challenge” This proceedings are divided in eleven parts related to the conference program. Session are dedicated to technologies: Security Protocols, Smart Card, Network Security and Intrusion Detection, Trusted Platforms. Others sessions are devoted to application like eSociety, TTP Management and PKI, Secure Workflow Environment, Secure Group Communications, and on the deployment of applications: Risk Management, Security Policies andTrusted System Design and Management. The year 2001 is a double anniversary. First, fifteen years ago, the first IFIP/Sec was held in France (IFIP/Sec’86, Monte-Carlo) and 2001 is also the anniversary of smart card technology. Smart cards emerged some twenty years ago as an innovation and have now become pervasive information devices used for highly distributed secure applications. These cards let millions of people carry a highly secure device that can represent them on a variety of networks. To conclude, we hope that the rich “menu” of conference papers for this IFIP/Sec conference will provide valuable insights and encourage specialists to pursue their work in trusted information.