Soduz _ Deterritorialized

Soduz is Gürkan Mıhçı’s Master of Arts Thesis Project in Sabanci University Visual Arts and Communication Design Master of Arts Program, 2006

In contemporary field of art and design, especially after the injection of computer into the artistic production process of art, music, sound and design, artists and designers had begun to use noise as a source thus the noise aesthetics emerged. Samples, re-arrangements of live sounds, signal processing systems, virtual studio technologies and many other systems provide different interactions between music and human. Some of those pieces produced via those systems are called laptop music, intelligent dance music (IDM), glitch, microsound, noise and breakcore; in this wide range of genres, noise as a creative source becomes their common feature. Soduz emerged to research and examine audiovisual noise, as well as to determinate the effects of noise in aural discipline. In addition to that, Soduz, consists of a set of works by employing noise as a source; noise here is defined as a form which is constituted by deterritorialized sounds and images. The content of the project is derived from the analysis generated in this research; therefore it is a composition of works in both audio and visual formats.