The Leaf of The Sound

“The unsteadiness of the ways of looking and seeing the characteristic of city life-the glance or the glimpse rather than the sustained gaze- goes along with a sense of shifting and saturated space of which the plural, permeable ear can evidently make more sense than the eye” Steven Connor, 2004.

The Leaf of The Sound is an interactive sound installation inspired by Mikail Aslan’s music composition PELGUZAR (Leaf of the Hearth) (he is an Anatolian Folk musician. He was born in Dersim, Anatolia, now lives in Germany).
In big cities, a human has lost its soul by rushing to earn money and getting stocked in the traffic between noisy human-made environments. In these “concrete jungle,” it is very hard to find a place to relax near to a tree. Urban souls are surrounded by materializing intimate fears and illusions. This soul has also created replica of nature. Plastic flowers, trees, and fruits are placed in the best hospitable places in our living environments by a genius businessman who has designed the magnificent plastic nature replica. Plastic fruits are in kitchens to fulfill our desire to be good decorators. Furthermore, organic flowers and trees are waiting for a customer hoping a fresh air and take a break in our restaurants and cafes. But, the place where the human soul belongs to is the nature. Only nature cures this diseased human soul. There are some secret, small and unique places are located in big cities and urban planners forget to design them or planting “concrete jungle” can be dangerous instead of them (avalanche, earthquake or flood etc).

Technical Details:

The Leaf of The Sound is an interactive sound installation located in those forgotten places. It is one of the peaceful and quiet places in the Big City. The place has a tree, a bench, and a beautiful sea view. It consists of a small sensor (invisible by the user) and a monitor giving the re-mix of Mikail Aslan’s composition (Pelguzar). The sensor recognizes the visitor who sits on the bench, and it plays the re-mix Leaf of The Sound by a monitor. The project contains a computer with a Max/Msp technologies and a sensor that connects to it.
The project represents the idea of “The Leaf of The Sound”. The system is located secretly on the tree. Leaf of The Sound is trying to represent the contradictions, distractions, and conflicts between the city of “concrete jungle” and this small quite place.

Leaf of The Sound is also music remix piece. This is the re-mix of Pelguzar composed and performed by Mikail Aslan. Pelguzar means “leaf of the hearth” in the sense of darling/beloved. The idea is how a unity can be achieved with Pelguzar and my sounds. The sound structure of Pelguzar and usage of instruments were so compatible with my sound pieces and ideas. Therefore, I have added sounds without re-editing the original composition. I only add my ideas to it as a listener. Because I believe, every listener adds an idea to each music track.