Greenpeace Artist On Board Project Rainbow Warrior Artist Residency, 2016

Greenpeace Mediterranean Turkey has invited artists to their Rainbow Warrior Ship for an Artist On Board Project. 9 artists (Asli Narin, Gurkan Maruf Mihci, Burcu Yagcioglu, Kaan Bagci, Alp Tugan, Eser Selen, Busra Tunc, Cagri Erdem and Gorkem Arikan) have produced art works during the 2-3 days of the sailing in Turkey. The concept was to emphasise the Sun as forms of energy and life source, and to support the Greenpeace Solar Power Campaign.

415.0Wh is the Data, the Rainbow Warrior Solar Power usage, visualised and edited.

The sound composition based on the frequencies in the data and the field recordings/soundscapes during sailing. The solar power data has been processed and converted to sound and visuals to create an abstract sun.
Note: Headphones recommended.