AkSanat Contemporary Artists Exhibition Finalist, 2015

In this day and age, everything is a becoming. Everything is in the process of making. Just like the relationship of Alice with her body in wonderland, a becoming that gets smaller as it grows. Giant Alice and dwarf Alice; present Alice is different than the previous one, and also different than the next one. And everyone’s perception of time is different in this formation. The perception of time, the irregular compositions composed of different sounds originating in different times from every headphone in this installation, changes according to which headphone is using and listening time and duration the installation. The previous composition is different than the one before it, and different than the present one and the next one. The audience is not the same as they first entered the installation. As they experience it once, their next experience changes forever. The composition constantly reproduces itself and visualizes this process with 5 headphones. This visual presence is not a privilege; it just tries to reveal the existence of the sound and does this the experience of the audience. In fact the composition never actualizes itself; it is always in the making and becomes past already. Maybe, simultaneously, it is going backwards while it is going forward. Thus, the composition becomes something that is not only advancing but also a part of the past, leaving the sounds of the past behind and being a becoming that is prerequisite for the subsequent.

Infinite Abstract Sound Composition with 5 Headphones