Video Installation, 4K Three-Channel Digital Video Animations Loops 6912x4094 px. 2023.

NFT Collection

Gürkan Maruf Mıhçı reimagines Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights triptych painting in the light of artificial intelligence and science fiction. He uses Artificial Intelligence tools to create a futuristic animated version of the artwork. The left panel (garden of Eden) and the right panel (hell) depict the end of the world. His imaginary world is earthly, but what if we extend his concept to the galaxy? The central panel represents a landscape of fantastical creatures and human figures. However, how can we imagine the end of the world scientifically and a landscape of imaginary futuristic galactic worlds? How can we represent these concepts using technology (animated computer-generated loops - Artificial Intelligence generated and/or 3D/2D visualizations- on the triptych Led Screens)?

Monoco.IO, Bilsart, Istanbul, Türkiye
Agitator, Chicago, IL, US
Miami New Media Festival, Miami, FL, US

The Garden of Galactic Delights