We live in echo chamber ecosystems. An echo chamber is a closed environment where people can only hear their own ideas and do not encounter other and opposing ideas in the media. It is a metaphor for a closed chamber where you can only hear your own voice and its echo (repetition). We hear only ourselves; our voices, our opinions, our behaviours, our emotions in the media environment around us. We stuck in these infinite loops, with no room for opposite opinions or competing concepts. We call social media is a part of freedom of speech, but the only sound we hear is our voice, or the others similar to us. Another is invisible to us. We do not face each other. Ads for us, News for us, Algorithms for us, False News for us, Manipulations for us; Freedom for us. Invisibility under the overexpose light. We support each other in a community but there is only ourselves. Echo Chambers is increasing polarization because we are in a closed ecosystem for a long time and we can't stand others' opinions anymore. There is no need for the verified information because, whether the
information is false or not, this information is only for us. Jonathan Haidt says: “If you look at any measures of what people think about people on the other side, [they] have become vastly more hostile.” We comfortably sit in our echo chambers, opposite concepts are invisible for us, we are also invisible for the others. Furthermore, our voices become incomprehensible in these echo chambers. No one understands and no one cares about these voices. Our voices become incomprehensible sounds or noise that do not have any melody, harmony, or even rhythm.

This iPhone size video is the representation of the social media echo chamber. No matter the news (audio and visual) we have, we use the same expressions, same reactions in our echo chambers.
Runtime: 2 minutes 25 seconds
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